Davao City's threat level is moderate
According to the report presented at the most recent meeting of the Davao City Peace and Order Council (CPOC), which was presided over by Mayor Sebastian "Baste" Duterte, the threat level in Davao City is currently at a moderate level.
Davao City's threat level is moderate

A moderate threat level exists in Davao City. A high level of security alertness is present. There is no giusab because the butang na ingon ana cannot be kumpyansa. Although the threat level is classified as moderate, the level of preparedness is high, according to the mayor.

Mayor Baste did observe that the number of theft incidents in the city has increased.

"Naa kitay increase from the theft ug karon last year. Daghan theft na cases, but I'm not aware of any pre-pandemic cases, he added.

Theft continues to be the most prevalent crime in the city out of the eight focus crimes, according to Colonel Alberto Lupaz, director of the Davao City Police Office (DCPO), in a press conference on Wednesday.

Theft, rape, robbery, bodily harm, murder, homicide, kidnapping of motorcycles, and kidnapping of other motor vehicles are the main crimes.

According to Lupaz, a total of 30 theft cases were reported between July and September 15 of this year, nearly doubling the 16 cases reported during the same period last year.

Lupaz claimed that since the DCPO reinstituted Oplan R.A.T. Tugis (Robbery/Hold-up, Akyat Bahay, and Theft), it has made significant progress in reducing theft cases.

Given that the holiday season is quickly approaching, Duterte is hoping that DCPO can reduce the numbers.

"I fully support the efforts of the DCPO," you said. Have faith in them. They only care about the city's welfare," Duterte claimed.

In the meantime, PRO 11 of the Police Regional Office vowed to step up its security campaign against target crimes.

From January 2 to September 17 of this year, 1,006 incidents of the eight focus crimes were reported in the Davao Region, according to PBGen Benjamin Silo Jr., regional director of the police. Of these, 551 arrests were made, 23 were unsolved, and 983 cases had already been filed in court.

Additionally, he claimed that 97.71 percent of the reported cases in the entire region were successfully resolved by police forces, in part thanks to the diligent assistance of civilians as well as the skill of police investigators.

“We are very thankful na ‘yong mga kababayan natin gising at nakikipagtulungan sa ating mga kapulisyahan para maresolba ‘yong mga krimen na nangyayari sa Davao Region,” he said.

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