Davao City's seafood prices drop
According to the weekly price monitoring of the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Davao Region, the prevailing market prices of seafood in Davao City decreased as of December 2 compared to the previous month (BFAR-Davao).
Davao City's seafood prices drop

Medium to large-sized Bangus costs P145 to P170 per kilogram (kg) from November 28 to December 2; small to large Tilapia costs P100 to P165; small to large Hipon or Shrimp costs P240 to P350; Galunggong costs P125 to P165; Yellow Fin Tuna costs P390 to P410; and Tulingan costs P120 to P150.

Prices per kilogram of the aforementioned commodities were slightly higher in early November. Bangus was priced between P150 and P185 per kilogram; Tilapia was priced between P110 and P175 per kilogram; Hipon was priced between P305 and P360 per kilogram; Galunggong was priced between P165 and P210 per kilogram; Yellow Fin Tuna was priced between P420 and P430 per kilogram; and Tulingan was priced between P150 and P170 per kilogram.

Prices of the aforementioned commodities in Panabo City are comparable to those in Davao City from November 28 to December 2.

Small to large Bangus costs P130 to P150 per kilogram; small to large Tilapia costs P120 to P150 per kilogram; medium to large Hipon costs P290 to P330 per kilogram; and medium-sized Bilong-bilong costs P170 to P180 per kilogram. Yellow Fin Tuna, on the other hand, is less expensive at P180/kg, while Tulingan is more expensive at P180/kg.

The same can be said for Tagum City, with the exception of Bangus and Yellow Fin Tuna, which are priced lower at P100 to P140/kg and P260/kg, respectively.

Meanwhile, Tilapia costs P160/kg in Davao del Sur, Guso costs P40/kg, medium-sized Hipon costs P250/kg, Nokos costs P100/kg, and Yellow Fin Tuna costs P500/kg.

Large-sized Bangus costs P200 to P220/kg in Davao de Oro; medium-sized Tilapia costs P150 to P160/kg; medium Hipon costs P320/kg; Tulingan costs P150/kg; and Bilong-bilong costs P150 to P160/kg.

Small to large-sized Bangus costs P160 to P200/kg in Davao Occidental; small to large Tilapia costs P140 to P180/kg; medium to large Hipon costs P250 to P280/kg; Galunggong costs P160 to P180/kg; and Yellow Fin Tuna costs P420/kg.

Finally, in Davao Oriental, large Bangus costs P170 to P180/kg, Malasugi costs P400/kg, medium-sized Hipon costs P280/kg, Yellow Fin Tuna costs P440/kg, and Gulyasan costs P120/kg.

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