The Samal-Davao bridge project will begin in May despite concerns about marine life
DAVAO CITY, Philippines - In an effort to alleviate worries about the environmental impact of building the Samal Island-Davao City bridge, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) stated Monday, April 22, that it will install a craneway to trans
The Samal-Davao bridge project will begin in May despite concerns about marine life

Engineer Joweto Tulaylay, the project manager of the Samal Island-Davao City Connector (SIDC) Project, has announced that a craneway system will be implemented to ensure the delivery and lifting of construction materials. This approach aims to reduce direct contact with the surrounding marine habitat, addressing concerns raised by the owner of the popular Paradise Island Park and Costa Marina Resort.


Tulaylay emphasized that using a steel bridge is necessary to mitigate damage to marine life. The bridge is considered temporary and will be removed upon completion of the project.


The construction work has commenced with site clearing and will progress to setting the bridge foundations. The construction will start on the Samal side in the first week of May and on the Davao side by the end of May.


The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) revealed that they are compliant with the Environmental Compliance Certificate from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). They will establish a Multipartite Monitoring Team, consisting of DENR, civil society groups, and resort owners, to oversee the construction and minimize ecological disruptions.


The Samal-Davao bridge project is funded by China’s Official Development Assistance, with a total cost of Php 23.04 billion. The completion target for the project is set for 2027.


The bridge will be a four-lane connector spanning 3.98 kilometers across the Pakiputan Strait, linking Barangay Limao’s Samal Circumferential Road to Davao City, intersecting Daang Maharlika and R. Castillo Street.


Groundbreaking for the project took place on October 27, 2022, with the presence of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Chinese Ambassador Huang Xillian.


The bridge will enable the connection of 25,000 vehicles daily from Davao City to Samal Islands, a renowned tourist destination known for its beach resorts, and enhance access to social services.


Opposition to the SIDC project has been voiced by the Rodriguez family, owners of Paradise Island Park Resort and Costa Marina Beach Resort, the intended landing site of the bridge. The family has sought a temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court to halt the project.


Julian Rodriguez, the resort manager, expressed their support for the bridge construction to boost Samal’s tourism industry. However, they object to the bridge's location due to its impact on the reef they are safeguarding.


The family highlighted the significance of Paradise Reef, describing it as an "underwater garden" covering 7,500 square meters of corals supporting diverse marine life. They fear that the construction process could disturb the reef ecosystem by stirring up silt, mud, and sand over considerable distances, potentially causing significant harm.

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