Pulong opposes cha-cha, citing the impact on the Davao budget
Paolo "Pulong" Z is a FIRST District Representative. Duterte strongly opposed the people's initiative for charter amendment.
Pulong opposes cha-cha, citing the impact on the Davao budget

He denounced the movement led by Puwersa ng Bayaning Atleta (PBA) Partylist Representative Margarita "Atty. Migs" Nograles in Davao City in a statement on January 9, 2024, calling it a plan by a few individuals to consolidate power rather than a true manifestation of the people's will.


"I am against this people's initiative as this is not the people's voice but the voice of a few who wanted to perpetuate themselves in power," the president said in a statement.

Duterte revealed that nearly P2 billion was siphoned from Davao City's first district's National Expenditure Program (NEP) budget, leaving only P500 million for people.


He stated that the budget cut will have no personal impact on him.


"If you take away my budget, I will not starve to death." The Dabawenyos who supported PBBM will bear the brunt of the consequences, according to Duterte.

Furthermore, Duterte revealed that certain senators had openly demanded that projects in his constituency be withheld. He stated that he would not submit to such pressure, especially when alleged kickbacks were involved.


"I have remained silent throughout these months because I do not want my constituents to suffer as a result of the dirty politics in the House of Representatives." Do not sell your soul for P100 or P10,000 in exchange for your signature, Dabawenyos. "It is your choice whether to follow the minions of the person who dreams of being great in Congress to perdition," Duterte stated.

Rep. Nograles, on the other hand, rejected any intention of running for Mayor of Davao in a previous formal statement dated December 16, 2023, and distanced herself from political maneuvering.


He said, "I refuse to be exploited, used as a clickbait, and stay in a place which is not in line with my values and morals." 


She has yet to issue an official comment in response to Duterte's remarks.

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