THE National Bureau of Investigation-Southern Mindanao Regional Office (NBI-Semro) vehemently denied the report that the bureau extracted P500,000 from a businessman after a raid in a bar in Davao City on August 7.


"It is not true. The people behind this just made-up stories para mabali kami (so we will be in the bad light). We have sufficient evidence that would prove that there were illegal activities inside the bar," NBI-Semro director lawyer Arnold Rosales told SunStar Davao.

 Rosales said he has not and would never accept cash from anyone that will place the bureau in jeopardy. He added that he has also instructed all his personnel not to receive anything from the owner of the bar should he offer something. 

Rosales said the bureau conducted the raid following the reports over illegal activities and business going on inside the bar. 

Rosales also said that they have been closely watching the bar, though its owner has a connection and a protector from the NBI. "Every time we conducted a raid there, a certain (name of person) attempts to bribe our agents, but I have instructed the agents na huwag patulan at huwag magpapadala sa kanila kahit sino pa ang connection nila sa ahensiya (Don’t act on it and be fooled by them whoever their connections are in the agency),"

 Rosales said. During the recent raid, Rosales said that same person pleaded to their colleague, lawyer Glen Damasing, not to contact nor inform anyone from the media about the raid, because he does not want feel uncomfortable in front of the public. "Ngayon, kami pa binaliktad. 

For everyone's information, the plastic bag that I was carrying, earlier, contained Korean Ginseng Tea. It's just a birthday gift. Kabuang pud mudawat ko ug kwarta unya dalahon sa badminton court (It's stupid to accept bribes and then bring the money to the badminton court)," he said. In a closed-circuit television footage, Rosales was seen holding a package believed to be containing the P500,000 and walked towards the coffee shop of SPA Salon, and was followed by lawyer Ralph Falcutila. 

Rosales also clarified that lawyer Ralph Falcutila is not his fraternity brother as alleged. He added that it was just recently when he and Falcutila met again due to the case. "Actually, nalaman lang din namin na nag insist si Aquino na may ipaparating sila sa akin na P5,000 per week, for their protection. Wala po akong tinanggap. 

Isang official from the NBI head office ang tumanggap ng pera (We knew that Aquino insisted that he’d send me P5,000 per week for their protection. I didn’t receive anything. An official from the NBI head office received money)," Rosales said. 

Rosales said this certain official had once worked in Davao Region before he was transferred to NBI head office. He admitted that he and this official are not in good terms ever since, and he believes he is behind the fabricated story. 

The NBI-Semro director said they are open for investigation and they have all the evidence needed should the NBI director and other concerned agencies ask for it. A case was also filed against Miguel Efren Aquino and his floor manager. 

Damasing earlier informed Aquino that the case of the human trafficking will be filed against him and his floor manager following the complaint of three women who were believed to be forced to work at the bar in the city.


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