Everything You Should Know About Park Eun-Bin's Upcoming Korean Drama, Castaway Diva, on Netflix
Park Eun-Bin's highly anticipated K-drama Castaway Diva is almost here. The tvN serial chronicles the ascent to fame of a young lady named Seo Mok-Ha. While heading to Seoul for an audition, she finds herself stuck on a desolate island. After staying gone
Everything You Should Know About Park Eun-Bin's Upcoming Korean Drama, Castaway Diva, on Netflix


Seo Mok-Ha, a self-sufficient lady who finds herself stranded on an island following a terrible turn of events in her life, is portrayed by Park Eun-Bin. She was found fifteen years after going missing and is an aspiring singer. After collaborating on the well-known dramas While You Were Sleeping and Start Up, director Oh Choong-Hwan and writer Park Hye-Ryun are working together again on this project.

Castaway Diva on Netflix: Release date, cast, total episodes, & more

Park Eun-Bin’s new drama, Castaway Diva, will release on October 28, 2023, at 9:20 p.m. KST on tvN. The series will also be available to stream on Netflix. The drama will run for a total of 12 episodes. New episodes will release every Saturday and Sunday. Viewers can list this K-drama to watch wholeheartedly during the weekend.

Park Eun-Bin embarks on this project fresh from her critically acclaimed success on the K-drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo. On Castaway Diva, she plays Seo Mok-Ha, a self-sufficient woman. She navigates various challenges after being stranded on a deserted island. Once rescued, she adjusts to the new normal, having friends around to help her.

Seo Mok-Ha also meets her idol Yoon Ran-Joo (played by Kim Hyo-Jin), a now-forgotten celebrity. The duo embark on various challenges together, providing each other strength. Other cast members include Chae Jong-Hyeop, Cha Hak-Yeon, Kim Joo-Hun, Bae Gang-Hee, Shin Joo-Hyup, Kim Bo-Jung, Yoon Jong-Hoon, Lee Seung-Joon, Kim Min-Seok, and more.

Don’t forget to tune in to Castaway Diva premiere on October 28, 2023, at 9:20 p.m. KST, 8:20 a.m. ET, and 12:20 p.m. GMT on tvN and streaming on Netflix.


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