AMIDST the fast developments and high urbanization of Davao City that worries some sectors about its increasing demand for utilities like water, Davao City Water District (DCWD) assures the public that no water crisis will happen anytime soon.

Jovannah Duhaylungsod, DCWD deputy spokesperson, said even before some sectors raised the issue on water concerns in the future, their office has already prepared for the surge in water demand especially that then mayor Rodrigo Duterte was elected as president and major developments were expected to also increase in the city. 

“In our practice, the DCWD already have water projections of five to 10 years water demand, kay dira man pud naga-depende ang among developments kay pareha aning mga developments sa Cabantian area, sa Indangan, kinsa man guy magdahom na makaabot ang mga subdivisions, even the condominiums wala na siya na-foresee mga pila ka tuig,” she said.

Duhaylungsod also said all of these developments have been accounted and in fact they also have accounted the land use plan of the city in their development projects.

“So using the land use plan as projected by the city, didto pud mi nanukad sa among development (that's where we also start with our development),” she said.

She said the water district is even five to 10 years way ahead with their projection and they already have laid some plans and this includes the tapping of the Tamugan River through the Davao City Bulk Water Supple Project as water source.

Major repair and maintenance works by the DCWD were also part of the plan to prevent water crisis from happening aside from improving their services to the public as leakage could also put down the drain several liters of water.

The issue of water concern was first raised by the Davao City Chamber of Commerce, Incorporated (DCCCII) to the city's water district during the first week of January this year.

“Magkadako man atung population na in the next years to come, mao ng dapat dili mahimong issue ang tubig (There will be an increase in the population (of Davao City) in the years to come and water will become an issue),” Arturo Milan, DCCCII president, said.


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