Davao City aims to become the primary Halal hub in Mindanao
Nakan, during a courtesy call with Deddy Faisal Bin Ahmad Salleh, Consul General of Malaysia in Davao City, emphasized the vast potential of the Halal sector, foreseeing substantial economic benefits worth "trillions."
Davao City aims to become the primary Halal hub in Mindanao

The idea of a Halal hub, especially in the form of a convenience store, is considered as a strategic method to promote Halal food and services. Nakan has shown interest in this concept, recognizing the careful attitude toward Halal not only among Malaysians but also in other Arab nations like Saudi Arabia.

The term 'Halal,' which means lawful and permissible in Arabic, has progressed beyond being solely a religious custom and now includes all of humanity, not limited to Muslims.

Davao City is distinguishable for having unique Halal ordinances, making it a model for other areas in Mindanao.

Introduced in 2016, the ordinances require establishments like meat shops and grocery stores with a single counter to have a separate area specifically for Halal food and Halal-certified products.

While this development is significant, it is noted that there is a lack of offices or agencies in the city providing Halal certifications.

In contrast to Malaysia, where they have their own established Halal certification system, efforts are being made in the Philippines to establish a certified Halal certificate to promote the Halal industry. This initiative aims to cover not only food establishments but also hotels and other businesses related to Halal. Coordination with relevant government agencies such as the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos is essential for the development of this legitimate Halal certification system.

Nakan highlighted the importance of additional training programs and initiatives to support the growth of the Halal industry in Davao City.

Consul General Salleh, in a separate interview, emphasized Malaysia's aim to strengthen cooperation with the Philippine government to advance the Halal industry, recognizing its immense potential as a trillion-dollar business, particularly in Davao City given its sizable Muslim population.

Nakan also discussed current efforts to reintroduce direct flights between Davao City and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as well as to push for a direct flight to Saudi Arabia. These initiatives are expected to further bolster the Halal industry.

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