According to a survey, residents of Davao City want President Rodrigo Duterte to return to public service
Nine out of 10 residents of Davao City expressed a desire for former President and Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to return to public service, as per a survey conducted by the University of Mindanao Institute of Popular Opinion (IPO).
According to a survey, residents of Davao City want President Rodrigo Duterte to return to public service

The survey focused on about 1,200 households across the three political districts of Davao City and took place from January 25 to February 10, 2024.


The findings showed that even though his term had ended, a significant number of Dabawenyos expressed their desire for Duterte to return to public service, with only 7.9 percent opposing this notion.

The survey results indicate that 47.7 percent of respondents support his return, with preferences for the roles of vice president, mayor, senator, and congressman at 37 percent, 12.2 percent, and 3.2 percent respectively.


Contrarily, there are Dabawenyos who oppose his comeback, citing concerns about his public office declaration, retirement, aging, and health.


In terms of Duterte's performance, 89.3 percent of Dabawenyos expressed a high level of trust, with 76.9 percent rating his performance as very good, 16.1 percent as good, and 4.7 percent as moderate or average.

Recent developments concerning President Duterte, such as his conflicts with the House of Representatives and the suspension of his program, have led to varying opinions among the public. A survey revealed that 47.3 percent viewed the issues as unfair and unjust, 26.1 percent remained neutral awaiting more facts, 13.9 percent believed them to be fair and justifiable, while 12.6 percent were unsure.


An analysis by IPO indicated that Dabawenyos' unwavering loyalty and approval of Duterte's leadership stem from his long-standing influence in Davao City. This local support contrasts with the national perspective, as there is a strong local demand for his return to politics despite controversies during his presidency.


IPO stated in a press release, “The widespread trust and positive evaluation of Duterte's performance highlight his enduring legacy in Davao City, underscoring that his policies and governing approach resonate positively with a significant section of the population.”

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