The city council makes its plans to increase the night market public
In order to provide opportunities for more small vendors, the Davao City Government is investigating the possibility of expanding the city's night market.
The city council makes its plans to increase the night market public

Regular awardees are those who have applied and were chosen through a drawing after doing so.

While the reserve awardees are the extra people chosen at random in the event that there aren't enough regular awardees to fill all the stalls because of withdrawals, incapacities, disqualifications, or eviction due to award revocation.

He urged businessmen not to misuse the program.

Davao City Councilor Bernie Al-ag, who chairs the committee on trade, commerce, and industry for the city council, stated in an interview at the Sangguniang Panlungsod on November 29, 2022 that the city government plans to open a night market at Toril Public Market in December 2022 and is also looking to open night markets in the communities of Mintal, Calinan, Lasang, Bunawan, and Cabantian along the Old Davao Airport Road.

He claimed that as the city's night market operations grow, vendors who will be selling slots will be put on a blacklist.

“Under sa atong provision, dili na sila makabaligya ever sa night market kung himoon nila (Under the provision, they will no longer be allowed to sell in our night market),” Al-ag said.

Al-ag said they are now inspecting sellers at the night market to ensure that the awardees are not selling their slots.

“Because this business proposal is para ni sa mga gagmay nga negosyante (this is meant for those small time vendors),” he said.

According to the city ordinance, there are two types of awardees who will be allowed to sell at the night market – regular awardees and reserve awardees.

“Don’t take advantage of this program. Atoang tagaan og panahon ug opportunity ang katong gagmay kaayo nga vendors, nga mag-income sila, else dili namo maka-apil aning night-market (Let’s give opportunity to the small vendors to make an income. If you abuse this program, you will not be part of the night market anymore),” Al-ag said.

On November 29, 2022, the city government of Davao approved in the third and final reading a city ordinance to expand the night market in different parts of the city. 

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