Noche Buena items' costs have increased
Based on their monitoring as of November 22, THE Department of Trade and Industry's Davao City Field Office (DTI-Davao City) noticed an increase in the cost of seasonal Noche Buena food items
Noche Buena items' costs have increased

Engr. According to Neil Nadua, Trade Industry and Development Specialist and Head of the DTI-Davao City's Fair Trade Laws Section, visitors to supermarkets and other grocery stores will soon notice the city's rising prices.

“Ang last na price guide na released was November 23, 2021. Compared to last year, nag increase gyod ang mga products (The last price guide was released on November 23, 2021. Compared to last year, the prices have really increased).

Cheese prices rose by five to seven percent, sandwich spread and mayonnaise by ten to twelve percent, and keso de bola by seven percent for the upcoming Noche Buena.

Depending on the weight, pasta macaroni also went up about P1 to P3, spaghetti by P3 to P22.25, and culinary milk and sweeteners, which include creamers, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and dairy, went up P48 to P86.

According to Nadua, the increase in the cost of production and raw materials like sugar, petroleum, and tin cans were to blame for the spike in sweetener prices.

Ham prices rose at the same time, though some brands' prices remained the same. According to Nadua, ham costs varied by manufacturer brand.

Nadua emphasized that because Noche Buena food is not regarded as a basic and prime commodity, the DTI does not regulate it. The agency only keeps an eye on food item prices and updates price guides as necessary.

“Dili maka-dictate ang DTI sa suggested retail price (SRP) niya. Ang among ginahatag is price guide (DTI cannot dictate the SRP of seasonal food items. We only give a price guide),” Nadua said.

Last year, keso de bola was priced at P158 - P204 and P285 - P410 per 500 grams respectively.

Five hundred grams of spaghetti cost P54.50 - P72 while a kilo of spaghetti sauce and tomato sauce was P68.25 - P76.25 and P62 - P63.50 respectively.

Residents of Davao City are advised to plan ahead and buy Noche Buena items with a long shelf life as soon as possible because a subsequent price increase is anticipated by the end of the month.

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