NBI keeping an eye on illegal buildings in Marilog
The National Bureau of Investigation is keeping an eye on Marilog's illegal construction and land sales inside ancestral domains.
NBI keeping an eye on illegal buildings in Marilog

Agent Elli Leao of the National Bureau of Investigation-Davao said, "There have been reports and complaints brought to our office about these illegal structures in protected areas in Marahan and Marilog...we routinely conduct surveillance and monitoring in that area.

On November 24, NBI agents raided an illegally constructed resort in Marahan as a result of their ongoing surveillance.

The chief executive, the mayor of Davao City, Baste Duterte, requested the NBI, according to Leao. "We learned that the Marahan case had already been raided previously by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources accompanied by the Philippine National Police but there was nothing good that resulted," Leao said.

The NBI was then asked to conduct a raid on the illegal structures by the Office of the City Mayor.

According to Leao, the Marahan structure was built without a permit and in an area that was shielded by the IPRA (Indigenous Peoples Rights Act) Law.

During the raid, they also found a sawmill 30 meters away from the building with Lauan hardwood logs that had been illegally cut. The DENR-Davao staff members who went on the raid with the NBI agents seized the timber.

Two people were detained and accused of breaking Presidential Decree 75.

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