Local sustainability and environmental laws are proposed by groups
On October 21, 2022, the 20th City Council of Davao will consider a set of new city ordinances focused on sustainability and the environment. These organizations are based in DAVAO.
Local sustainability and environmental laws are proposed by groups

The organizations emphasized agendas on climate action, clean water and sanitation, disaster resilience, sustainable agriculture and food security, waste management, air quality, good governance, and public participation during the Green Agenda Forum.

Interfacing Development Interventions for Sustainability (Idis), Masipag Mindanao, and Kinaiyahan Foundation Incorporated are a few of the NGOs that took part.

The Davao Green Agenda was developed to show current environmental issues and problems to our local policymakers and their legal staff. In order to provide solutions and/or suggestions, such as workable advocacy action plans, government initiatives, and laws that our regional legislators can adopt, organizations in Davao City came together to draft this green agenda, Idis told SunStar Davao on Sunday.

In order to safeguard the regional marine biodiversity in the face of current threats, Idis proposed a Marine Biodiversity Protection Ordinance and the revival of the Davao Gulf Management Council.

On the other hand, the Davao Gulf Management Council would assist in ensuring local people have sustainable livelihoods.

Councilors Temujin Ocampo, Luna Acosta, and Bonz Militar, who are members of the 20th City Council, were present at the Green Agenda Forum to hear the suggested regulations and issues raised by the various organizations. Additionally, the councilors disclosed their own eco-friendly plans for Davao City.

Acosta declared her support for the idea of a weekly car-free day on Roxas Avenue. The City Council, she said, "will do its part to assist in the creation of rules and policies that will make Davao City not only environmentally friendly but also long-lasting."

The proposed Waste-to-Energy Incineration Facility is just one option under consideration, according to Ocampo, who is also the chair of the committee on the environment.

"The councilors support some of the Green Agenda's listed policies, especially the adoption of Davao City's Environment Code. One of the long overdue policies that required the legislators' attention was this one, Idis said.

The next step, in accordance with Idis, would be to give the councilors copies of the Green Agenda and note the programs and policies being promoted by the city council in accordance with the councilors' commitments.

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