Davao City's sports facilities are getting better
A city official stated that private sports facilities in Davao City, particularly those from the academic community, continue to advance aside from the Davao City-University of the Philippines Sports Complex.
Davao City's sports facilities are getting better

The majority of tertiary schools are modernizing their sports facilities, according to Mikey Aportadera, chief of the Sports Development Division of the Davao City Mayor's Office (SDD-CMO).

Aportadera stated, "For [private sports facilities], we've seen a lot of facilities sprouting," on May 4 during the iSpeak press conference.


He mentioned schools that improved their facilities by, among other things, adding more bleachers and improving the aesthetics, including the sports gymnasiums at the University of Mindanao-Matina Campus, Lyceum of the Philippines University-Davao, Ateneo de Davao University, Mapua Malayan Colleges, and Holy Cross of Davao College.

"One thing I've seen is how [Addu, LPU] has been constructed... In an ambush interview on May 4, Aportadera stated, "I hope Holy Cross (HCDC) would keep ang ilang gibuhat [na mga upgrades] and that Malayan basketball will continue to receive improvements.


Aportadera stated that the facilities of the Davao City National High School have also been upgraded.


He claimed that the better facilities would benefit the Davao athletes in honing their competitive abilities.

Aportadera stated, "We also provide partnerships for the events [with them].


Notably, on April 30, Richard Bachmann, chairman of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), paid a visit to the Davao-UP sports complex to assess the facilities.


Before it can be used by the public, the sports complex in Mintal, according to Aportadera, needs to be "polished." 

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