Meet the Athletes Representing Davao City in DAVRAA 2024
Davao City is all geared up to host the upcoming Davao Regional Athletic Association (DAVRAA) meet in 2024. The city has made extensive preparations to ensure the success of the event.
Meet the Athletes Representing Davao City in DAVRAA 2024

The Davao City Sports Development Division, in collaboration with the Department of Education Davao City Division, is fully prepared for the upcoming Davao Regional Athletics Association (DAVRAA) Meet. The event is scheduled to take place from April 1—7, 2024. Michael Denton Aportadera, Officer-in-Charge of the City Sports Development Division, mentioned in an interview with the City Information Office (CIO) that the preparations for DAVRAA 2024 are nearly completed. They are now eagerly awaiting the final touches of the arrangements and the arrival of the delegates.


Aportadera confirmed that the billeting quarters are well-equipped to accommodate the DAVRAA delegates. The playing venues for the various sports events have also been secured. Repairs and preparations are currently underway for some billeting areas and playing venues to ensure that the structures are in optimal condition. Additionally, the city is focusing on improving the engineering aspects of roads leading to certain venues and billeting areas.


The City Engineer’s Office, the Sports Development Division, and the Department of Education are working closely together to monitor the ongoing repairs and preparations at the UP Mindanao Sports Complex, which will serve as the venue for the opening and closing ceremonies, as well as for some sports events during DAVRAA.


Aportadera mentioned that the City Government of Davao, in collaboration with the DepEd Division Office, has conducted meetings with the participating Local Government Units, the DepEd Regional Office, and the city's security and safety cluster led by P/Col. Angel Sumagaysay (Ret.). The purpose of these meetings was to update them on the guidelines, preparations, and security measures being implemented by the city for the event.

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