Davao City Marks 22 Years of Anti-Smoking Campaign
The city government of Davao marked the 22nd anniversary of the Anti-Smoking Campaign in Davao City, along with World Tobacco Day, through the Vices Regulation Unit (VRU).
Davao City Marks 22 Years of Anti-Smoking Campaign

A motorcade was held on May 31, followed by a program where several law enforcement agencies were recognized for their efforts in enforcing the Anti-Smoking Campaign in the city.


Hernando Q. Las, the Officer-in-Charge of the VRU, mentioned in an interview with the City Information Office that the number of apprehensions increased during the first quarter of 2024 compared to the same period in 2023.


From January to March 2024, the VRU apprehended a total of 1,722 violators, an increase from the 1,630 apprehensions made from January to March 2023.


During the event, City Councilor Luna Acosta, who is the main author of the amended Comprehensive Anti-Smoking Ordinance in the city, highlighted in her speech the need for revising and strengthening the anti-smoking regulations. This action was prompted by a study conducted by the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC), indicating that many minors frequent bars and clubs where they are served liquor and cigarettes without discrimination.


Acosta also revealed that the CADAC study found children as young as 6 years old exposed to tobacco use.


City Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte, in a message delivered by Las, expressed that the City Government of Davao will continue to support efforts to enhance tobacco control policies and prevention. The city will also conduct campaigns and programs to raise awareness about preventing tobacco-related diseases.


Duterte reiterated the city's dedication to promoting public health and encouraging a healthier community, aiming to make Davao City a smoke-free environment.


The VRU emphasized the call to Dabawenyos to quit smoking cigarettes and vapes since these products are not only prohibited in the city but also pose health risks, not just to the users but also to the public.

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