Unprecedented Seismic Activity Strikes Davao with 265 Quakes in 24 Hours
In a startling turn of events, Davao, a region in the southern Philippines, has experienced an alarming surge in seismic activity over the past 24 hours, with a total of 265 earthquakes recorded. The quakes have varied in magnitude, with the strongest reg
Unprecedented Seismic Activity Strikes Davao with 265 Quakes in 24 Hours


Here is a breakdown of the seismic activity in the region:

  • 2 quakes above magnitude 6: The most powerful of these occurred 8 hours ago, measuring 6.6 in magnitude and striking 52 kilometers northeast of Bislig City in the Province of Surigao del Sur, Caraga.

  • 16 quakes between magnitude 5 and 6: These significant tremors added to the region's anxiety, with 52 kilometers northeast of Bislig City experiencing the most intense shaking.

  • 47 quakes between magnitude 4 and 5: A substantial number of quakes in this range heightened concerns among residents and authorities.

  • 82 quakes between magnitude 3 and 4: These quakes, though less intense, still contributed to the overall seismic unrest in the area.

  • 93 quakes between magnitude 2 and 3: A significant number of smaller quakes further rattled the region.

  • 25 quakes below magnitude 2: While not typically felt by people, these quakes contributed to the overall seismic activity.

The most recent quake, measuring 4.8 in magnitude, struck just 24 minutes ago, located 89 kilometers east of Bislig City in the Province of Surigao del Sur, Caraga.

The staggering number of earthquakes in such a short time frame has left residents and authorities on edge, concerned about the potential for further seismic events. The epicenters of these quakes have mainly been in the vicinity of Bislig City, Province of Surigao del Sur, Caraga.

For a broader perspective, in the past 7 days, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake occurred on Sunday, December 3, 2023, 52 kilometers northeast of Bislig City. Looking back over the past 365 days, the most powerful quake was a magnitude 6.7 event on Friday, November 17, 2023, striking 31 kilometers southwest of Glan, Sarangani in Soccsksargen.

Seismologists and experts are closely monitoring the situation and working to assess the potential risks and impacts of this unprecedented seismic activity. Residents are urged to stay vigilant, follow safety guidelines, and be prepared for further developments.

The following table summarizes the number of recent earthquakes in or near Davao, Philippines, by magnitude:

Time Period Total Number <M2 M2+ M3+ M4+ M5+ M6+ M7+ Past 24 hours 266 quakes 25 93 83 47 16 2 - Past 7 days 352 quakes 39 125 98 54 31 5 - Past 30 days 623 quakes 121 256 139 69 32 6 - Past 90 days 1,091 quakes 187 522 258 84 33 7 - Past 365 days 3,340 quakes 545 1,828 719 193 46 9 -

This developing situation is a stark reminder of the region's susceptibility to seismic activity, and authorities are urging residents to stay informed and prepared for any further developments. We will continue to provide updates on this evolving situation as more information becomes available.


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