Oil prices to roll back today
Petroleum product pump prices are expected to fall for the fourth week in a row. Unioil Petroleum Philippines said in its fuel price forecast for the September 27 to October 3 trading week that the price per liter of diesel could be reduced by P1.20 to P1
Oil prices to roll back today

Similarly, an oil industry source said that the pump price of diesel may decrease by P1.00 to P1.30 per liter while gasoline prices may be reduced by P1.40 to P1.70 per liter.

Fuel firms usually announce price adjustments every Monday, to be implemented on the following day.

Effective Tuesday, September 20, oil companies slashed the price per liter of diesel and kerosene by P4.15 and P4.45, respectively, while no movement has been effected on the price of gasoline.

The latest price movements brought the year-to-date adjustments to stand at a net increase of P30.65 per liter for diesel, P25.45 per liter for kerosene, while gasoline remains at a net increase of P16.50 per liter.

Data from the Department of Energy as of September 15 showed the price per liter of gasoline range from P63.10 to P73.10 per liter in Quezon City, Metro Manila’s largest city; diesel prices range from P75.80 to P80.10 in Makati City, the country’s top financial hub; while in Philippine capital Manila, kerosene prices range from P80.41 to P89.00 per liter.

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