THE Police Regional Office (PRO)-Davao regional director Police Chief Superintendent Marcelo Morales conducted security preparedness and inspection in malls, seaports, airport and Davao City Overland Transport Terminal (Dcott) Sunday, December 23

Influx of shoppers and travelers are expected during this long holiday break. 

Morales said that PRO-Davao has augmented 127 cops from the Regional Headquarters to Davao City Police Office (DCPO) to provide assistance along highways and major thoroughfares and security assistance in some of the big commercial centers in Davao City. Additional personnel are also on standby should there be a need for more personnel.

"Since we are on full alert status and my men are intact since I have declared that we will not have Christmas Break to ensure that we are 100 percent ready to respond to any call of emergency. I have also alarmed all units in Region 11 to continue to monitor the local terrorist NPA (New People's Army) elements which might spoil or disrupt the tranquility of the season," Morales said.

Meanwhile, the region's top cop also reminded the public on the existing ordinance in Davao City on the total banning of firecrackers and other pyrotechnics devices to prevent casualties while celebrating the yearly festivity. 

"Don’t risk your life, your family and friends by lighting up a firecracker and teasingly throwing it upwards or near a crowd of people. When you see children playing with firecrackers, seize it immediately and put it away. Remind them on the dangers of lighting a firecracker and the injuries they may sustain. Once caught, we will surely file a case against you and you will be locked up in jail for quite long since we have a long holiday," he added.

PRO-Davao also urged the public's support in keeping the peace in the city by providing them information of suspicious activities in their communities.

"PRO-Davao is appealing to the public to support and cooperate with our policemen and comply with all security protocols so as to ensure security especially in malls, airport, seaports and bus terminals for their safety and were likewise encourage to report any suspicious looking people and activities to the police," Morales said.


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