ANGELES CITY -- Senator Alan Cayetano said the media and the people should get used to how President-elect Rodrigo Duterte communicates his thoughts to avoid problems.

“Kung masasanay kayo, maiiwasan natin ang miscommunication (If you will get used to it, we can avoid miscommunication),” he said.

Cayetano said that Duterte had felt that it was the proper time to issue a comment regarding corruption in the media.

“There are good crusading journalists in the country but there are also businessmen who hide behind journalists. There are also businessmen who use journalism. And there is also the illegal trade that uses journalism,” he said.

Cayetano said the international media may have failed to get the real context of Duterte’s statement because only portions of the news were presented.

“Hindi nila nakita yung buong konteksto at anong klaseng public official ang ating Pangulo. Hindi sanay ang international media na hindi soundbytes. Hindi sila sanay ng nagdidialogue talaga (They failed to see the context behind and what kind of public official Duterte is. They're not used to a person who really engages in a dialogue),” Cayetano added.

Duterte earlier vowed that he will undergo a metamorphosis once he officially assumes the presidency on June 30.

In a press conference, Duterte said that he enjoyed being rude as his days are already numbered.

“I am not yet president. Maya-maya, maghintay kayo. I’m really a rude person. I’m enjoying my last time as a rude person. When I become president, when I take my oath of office, ibang storya na yun. There will be a metamorphosis,” he said. (Sun.Star Pampanga)


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