Presidential candidate and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte may be a ladies’ man, but to the few who knew him, he can also be a “gay’s man”.

Through the years, Mayor Duterte never hid his closeness to homosexuals sometimes even jestfully admitting that he is a “reformed gay”.

Indignant members of the Filipino LGBT community has an ally in Duterte who expressed support for their call for equality and respect.

In Bacolod City Wednesday afternoon , Duterte said he only has high regards and admiration for the members of the LGBT community.

“Ok ako sa mga bakla. I have nothing against gays,” Duterte told around 2,000 people, a mix of well-heeled and mass supporters, who gathered at SMX in Bacolod City Wednesday.

Duterte maintained that it is not for humans to judge others.

Duterte , who pushed for the passage of anti-discrimination ordinance in Davao, has previously said that gays are also “children of God.”

“God does not discriminate against people, regardless of color, religion, social class, or gender and sexual preferences,” Duterte previously said.

“The universe is ruled by the law of a God who is forgiving, merciful, compassionate and loving, the same God who created all of us equal.”

A group of LGBT rights advocates in Davao City, lauded the position of Duterte.

“It only shows that Duterte remains respectful of the choices of individuals — straight or gays,” said Pidot Villocino, a supporter of Duterte.

“We recognize and hail his continued stand against measures and laws that discriminate against us or against other marginalized sector — laws that are aimed at crippling freedoms of individuals, including the freedom to be who you are, who you want to be with, or who you love.”


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