GOOD food and relaxing ambiance can’t only be found downtown, some are nestling somewhere suburb, away from the busy roads of Davao City.

On top of the list is Lola Mommy’s restaurant, a homegrown food company that has been gathering customers from all parts of the city. The reason being, delicious food at a cheap price.

Located in Sitio Ubat, Catalunan Grande, Lola Mommy’s is a BBQ house that also serves a wide array of different ala carte dishes.

“It is more of a restaurant food at a carenderia price. It is a level up experience,” Arthur Sarenas, owner the restaurant said.

For as low as P45, one can order three sticks of pork barbeque and a cup of rice. Diners can choose to order either through short orders or displays.

The restaurant can accommodate over 200 persons at a time. It is perfect for family and friends’ lunch and/or dinner.

“It is a perfect location, the population living south Davao is growing. We keep our prices as low as possible because that is what we our known for our regular customers,” he said adding that food industry in the city is developing and booming.

Apart from its deliciously-cooked food commonly served during fiestas, the restaurant also is fitting for special occasions like debut, birthdays and weddings, among other celebrations.

The restaurant can accommodate a maximum of 120 persons for events.

As Lola Mommy’s considered as a hit, fairly reflected in its foot traffic daily especially on weekends, the owner has plans on expanding his food business by opening another branches downtown so people living far south can taste every day the restaurant’s offerings. 

- Ace June Rell S. Perez


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