Davao City Quick Guide For MGCQ effective July 1-15, 2020

Facemask - Wear mask in all public places. Cover nose and mouth. Stay away 2 meters from other people.

Quarantine - Yes, movement for work, food, medicine, hospital or emergency only

Travel - Going in to Davao City for returning resident, or for work and business only. Dabawenyos going out of Davao City is discouraged except only when very necessary.

Tourism - Not allowed

FM pass - Yes, use FM pass.

Curfew - 9PM to 5AM

Liquor Ban - 24-hour liquor ban subject to review on July 15

Bars, Karaoke and other entertainment venues - allowed up to 25 percent of the venue/room capacity, with strict disinfection every after customer use. Face mask should never be removed unless to eat or drink only. Liquor ban and curfew in effect.

Movement - No leisure, entertainment, amusement activities. Bawal suroy, lingaw-lingaw, tambay, tapok-tapok, joyride, party.

Special Sector - Below 21 years old, 60 years old and above, with immunodeficiency and co-morbidities, other health risk, pregnant women must remain in residence BUT can go out for work, food, medicine, hospital, emergency, exercise

Non-Contact Sports and Exercise - Monday to Saturday within subdivision or barangay only, when applicable. All are not allowed on Sundays.

School -

Kindergarten to Senior Highschool - No face to face classroom instruction or examinations.

Higher Education Institutions - No face to face classroom instruction. Can go to school for examinations but must not be more than 50% capacity of the venue/classroom

TechVoch and other short courses - No face to face classroom instruction. Can go to training center for examinations but must not be more than 50% capacity of the venue/classroom

Hotels, Beach resorts and other similar establishments- Allowed for accomodation only, no leisure, entertainment or amusement.

Restaurants, Other food establishments, Salons and Barbershop - allowed up to 50% capacity

Pisonet, Internet Cafe - allowed up to 50% seating capacity of the area.

Fitness Gyms and all other establishments - allowed up to 50 percent of venue capacity.

Spa and Massage - No hand, face or neck massage or facial. Face masks should never be removed. Face shield mandatory for employees/therapist during treatment.

Religious Ceremony - allowed up to 50% capacity. Weddings, Baptism, other Religious ceremonies are for family members only, up to a maximum of 25 persons.

Mass Gathering - allowed for Government or Business only, up to 50% of the seating capacity of venue. No national or international events, leisure, amusement or entertainment events allowed.

Wake And Burial - for family members only

Reminders to Offices and Establishments:

1) Wear face mask all the time.

2) ALL individuals must be at least 2 meters away from each other.

3) Handwashing facility mandatory. Alcohol must be available.

4) Regular Disinfection.

5) Employees who are unwell should not be forced to report to work. In-house or referral doctor can issue medical certificate.


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