Fruit prices will remain stable during Chinese New Year
As the Chinese New Year approaches, vendors in Bankerohan public market anticipate stable prices for select fruits, though some may see a slight increase.
Fruit prices will remain stable during Chinese New Year

Fuji apples, which are considered lucky when celebrating Chinese New Year, are now priced at P20 for three pieces. It has remained at the same price since the holiday season.

"Three pieces for P20 gihapon ang baligya namo sa mga Fuji apple pareho ra atong niagi [na holidays], pero naay gamay difference sa kadak-on (We sell Fuji apples for P20 per three pieces, just like during the holidays)," Mara Jean Dagode explained.


Lemons are P15 per piece, watermelons are P25 per kilogram (kg) to P55/kg, and ponkans are P10 to P20 per piece, depending on size.


Meanwhile, mangosteens are sold for P250 per kilogram, kiat-kiat for P50 per bundle, pineapples for P20 to P30/kg, and avocados for P65 to P90/kg.

Meanwhile, Elsie Nacario, another fruit vendor, stated that watermelon varieties such as sweet gold (P30/kg), muskmelon (P25/kg), Chinese sweet gold (P40/kg), and seedless watermelon (P55/kg) are expected to be increased for as little as P2 to P5/kg during the Chinese New Year.

According to Jun Armenio, a mango fruit vendor, the supply of mangoes is currently limited, but they expect stable prices for Chinese New Year. Mangoes are now sold for P80 to P95/kg, up from P75 to P80/kg last week.


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