ROUGHLY five out 100 drug users suffered a relapse while undergoing treatment, according to the Ateneo de Davao University.

Josh Laguna of the university’s healing and recovery program said their Center Against Illegal Drugs (Addu-CAID) profiled 1,747 drug users who underwent treatment. 

Eighty-nine of these 1,747 individuals suffered a relapse or returned to drug use after undergoing treatment.

Of those who suffered a relapse, 72 have returned to the use of shabu (methamphetamine hydrochloride) and 17 went back to using marijuana.

Laguna said the university partnered with 28 barangays in Davao City to help in the rehabilitation of drug personalities through clinical screening in their community.

However, although there were several persons who sought their help, there were still those who reverted to using illegal drugs.

Those who were apprehended by police during drug bust will be automatically dropped from the Community-Based Rehabilitation Aftercare Program (CBRAP).

Once they tested positive for three consecutive months, they will be referred to the police and Department of Health (DOH) for confirmatory test as Addu-CAID only handles those who have mild cases of drug use.

One of the factors that drove these individuals back to drug use is peer pressure. Those who experience depression also sought illegal drugs.


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