REALIZING the business and investment potentials of Davao City, the Association of Young Filipino-Chinese Entrepreneurs (Anvil Business Club) inducted their officers in the city last Saturday, June 30.

It was the first time in the history of the club that induction ceremonies were held outside Metro Manila.

According to Anvil president Patrick Cua, their bringing about 100 members of Anvil for this special event is also their way of promoting and encouraging the members to invest in other key cities in the Philippines outside Metro Manila.

“We believe we have to find growth outside of Metro Manila because the growth will be in the bigger cities such as Davao. There are a lot more opportunities like more affordable real estate. The middle class is growing in these secondary cities,” said Cua.

For his part, Anvil chairman Wilson Y. Lee Flores believes that there are several business industries that are filled with investment opportunities such as real estate, agriculture, manufacturing, services, and construction.

“We heard that there are more infrastructures all over the country such as airports, roads, everything. We want to encourage young entrepreneurs in Metro Manila to look out of Metro Manila and to not always be in Luzon only. The Philippines is not only Luzon so Davao is a perfect place to start looking around Mindanao,” said Flores.

He mentioned that their outgoing president is actually currently into palm oil business in Mindanao. They also have a member who had been in Davao City last year and came back again this year for the induction. He is into manufacturing and seeing that roads leading to factory and plants areas in the city had already been made four-lane to only two-lane before, this certain entrepreneur now toys at the idea of investing manufacturing here in the city.

Anvil is an organization of Chinese-Filipino businessmen and professionals aged 21 to 50. The club had been operating for 27 years now and currently has about 450 members from diverse industries. Anvil aims to “broaden the horizons of its members through interaction with all types of people, by touring local and international plants, agricultural estates, factories, farms, retail sites, trade fairs and institutions."


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